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Nov. 14 - Nov. 18 The Week in Patterning - 49, The Flirty 50's Pattern Challenge Finalist is...

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Eszter from Australia!  She put together a fantastic three-piece ensemble from one of my more recent patterns.


Guest juror Emily Stringham of Emily's Vintage Visions joined me once again in reviewing submissions for what was the first 1950's EvaDress pattern challenge.  

We both admired the texture and color scheme Eszter put to use in her shorts, bra and shirt.  Eszter used a very 50's vintage texture in her waffled cotton shorts and what says vintage 50's like polka dots (the bra)!  As well, she fashioned her tie-at-front kimono shirt in good old fashioned gingham, both prints being in blue and white.

I appreciate the trend-y capsule wardrobe appeal of Eszter's pieces!

Another entry was Joan's dress from the 1958 Claire McCardell pattern.  Joan really nailed a good fit in this party dress!  She made great use of gift fabric in creating it.


More challenges to come soon, so stay tuned here.  Enjoy your holidays!




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  • Esz on

    Big thanks again Alexandra for the win! :-D I am so looking forward to my patterns arriving – especially that 40s robe – hoping I can actually get off my butt and make it up – its quite fab!

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