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1946 Poncho (Wrap) Blouses B40-1867

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B40-1867; 1946 Poncho (Wrap) Blouses

11-piece pattern originally by Simplicity Pattern Co., 'The blouse fastens at the front and back waistline with tie ends. 

Styles I, II and III have gathers at the neck edge and extended shoulders.  Style I has a rolled collar.  Style II features a bias-bound neck edge finished with a bow.  Style III has a lace-trimmed tie collar.  Styles IV and V have a slashed neckline and a front peplum.  In Style V, the armhole ruffle and peplum may be made of embroidered edging.  The front of the blouse buttons over the back at the underarm.'  The blouse opens flat for easy ironing, hence the 'poncho' style.

5/8” seams are allowed.

As this was a specially requested grade, the blouse is currently available in size sets C, D and E per below.  Size sets A (to fit 30-32 bust) and B (to fit 34-36 bust) will be added in future.


Size set B fits 16-18 (34" to 36" bust, 28" to 30" waist, 37" to 39" hip).

Size set C fits 20-40 (38" to 40" bust, 32" to 34" waist, 41" to 43" hip).

Size set D fits 42-44 (42" to 44" bust, 36" to 38" waist, 45" to 47" hip).

Size set E fits 46-48 (46" to 48" bust, 40" to 42" waist, 49" to 51" hip).

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